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Front Struts Removal

1. Remove Hubcap of Strut you want to replace first, either passenger side or driver side

2. "Loosen" do not remove Lug nuts on tire.

3. Place jack underneath cross-member of vehicle or just a secure, hard surface underneath car.

4. Put Emergency Brake on

5. Place Blocks of wood behind the three tires not being jacked.

6. Jack up car until tire can move freely left-right, and spins.

7. Remove Lug nuts/Tire.

8. Using Pliers or a Flathead screwdriver remove brake line retaining clip.

9. Using 17mm socket and wrench remove the two strut bolts and nuts.

10. Pop Hood, Using 15mm socket remove 2 out of the 3 nuts securing the top of the strut to the car.

11. Now the next step is most easily accomplished with a partner, but can be done solo. While Holding bottom half of strut remove the last top nut securing the strut to the car, once nut is removed you can completely remove the strut.

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Q: How do you replace the front and rear struts on a 1997 Nissan Altima?
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