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How do you replace the front turn signal bulb on a 1996-1999 Ford Taurus?


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Remove the associated headlamp (four screws) to get to the harness of the turn signal.

Give it a counter-clockwise twist and out comes the lamp harness / socket from the lens.

Cramped, but doable!

On some cars you open the hood, and the light socket will be right on the inside behind the fixture itself. A quarter turn counter clockwise and pull will remove the socket. Then push in while turning a quarter turn counter clockwise again will release the bulb, or on newer ones, you just pull them out as they are the spade type. On some cars you will have screws/torx screws holding the lens assembly in, and it would have to be removed to replace the bulb. Then still on others, you would reach underneath the bumper.

You will have to remove the headlights and front bumper cover to gain access to the back of the light assembly. Once you remove the 10mm bolts across the top holding the cover and headlights, you will find a 8mm on each fender (inside - lower front part of the fender - socket extension required). Remove the Phillips screws supporting the front plastic inner fender wells, and the push type fastener on the inside of the fender well will also need to be popped out. You will find a 13mm nut on the inside of the fender holding the side of the bumper cover to the fender - remove and free the sides from the fender. Remove all those little 6mm fasteners on the bottom of the cover too. Once everything is loose, gently pull up on the cover to free it from the guide pins and pull it forward to gain access to the turn signal assembly. You may want to replace both bulbs...

Open the hood and take out the four bolts that hold the headlight in position. They are all on the top and include one rather long bolt that will still remain attached even after loosened. Once you have done this you can move the headlight unit to the side (or you can disconnect it and remove it altogether). Removing the headlight unit will make it possible to reach the turn signal assembly which you can then twist to remove from its seating. You can then replace the bulb and then replace the headlight unit.

Additional Information1996-2005Bulb Numbers:

  • FRONT Turn-signal - 3457 AK (amber)
  • Headlamp - 9007 (9007LL optional)
  • Tail lamp/brake/turn lamp 3157
  • Tail lamp/brake lamp (wagon) 3157
  • Rear turn lamp (wagon) 3456K
  • Backup lamp 921
  • Backup lamp (wagon) 3156
  • License plate lamp (2) 168
  • High-mount brake lamp (2) 912
  • Rear side marker lamp (wagon) (2) 168

The above information extracted from the Owners Manuals(see below)

I just removed the whole headlight so i could get to the turn signal from the side.

Then i don't know how to get the light cover out without removing the bumper, but i think my whole thing was broken, so i was just able to pull the bulb right out from inside the car and replace it.


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