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first thing you need to do is disconnect the battery, make sure the cables cannot come in contact with the mounting surfaces of the battery at all. no sparks!!!. Second, remove the gas cap. Third release the pressure in the line through the valve located to the right of the fuel rail on the fuel line. use a small screw driver and press the pintle in, stand away from the valve, and wrap it in a rag or towel as to prevent spray from getting on you, or your car.

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How hard is it to replace the rear struts on a Saturn 2002 L200?

how to replace rear struts on a 2002 saturn L 300

How do you replace the hydraulic lifters on a 96 Saturn SL?

how to replace lifter saturn 2002 1.9l sohc

What would it cost to replace engine in 2006 Saturn Ion?

Just paid $3687.50 to replace engine in a 2002 Toyota corolla (replacement engine has 18,000 miles, Lowell area of Massachusetts) Good luck Just paid $3687.50 to replace engine in a 2002 Toyota corolla (replacement engine has 18,000 miles, Lowell area of Massachusetts) Good luck

How do you replace fuel injectors 2002 ford focus?

Enter at your own risk!

How do you fix a thrown rod in a 2002 Jeep Liberty?

Replace the engine.Replace the engine.

Put back seat in 2002 Saturn L200?

How do I put the back seat bottom back in my 2002 Saturn L200? The Mechanic took it out and did not replace it. How do I put the back seat bottom back in my 2002 Saturn L200? The Mechanic took it out and did not replace it.

What is the fuel pressure on a 2002 Saturn sl1?

Fuel pressure on a 2002 Saturn SL 1 should be between 50 and 55 PSI. This ensures that the injectors produce a powerful spray of fuel.

How do you install engine 2002 Saturn sl2 4-cylinder?

How do you install 2002 saturn sl2 4 cyl

How many fuel injectors are in a 2002 Mountaineer?

In a 2002 Mercury Mountaineer : The 4.0 liter Single Over Head Cam , V6 engine has ( 6 fuel injectors ) The 4.6 liter V8 has ( 8 )

Will a 1997 Malibu engine interchange with a 2002 Malibu engine?

yes it will work but you will have to change the wiring harness going to the injectors i did do it myself

2002 roadking flhrci starves for gas?

replace the fule filter. If that doesn't fix it you may need injectors.

Where is the timing chain in a 2002 Saturn Vue and how do you replace it?

Early Saturn VUE's use a Opel designed V6 engine. This engine is also used in the Cadillac Catera, Saturn L series, and Saab vehicles. This engine does use a rubber timing belt that does have to be replaced every 90-100k miles. It should be noted this engine requires some very special tools to replace the timing belt. Pretty $$ tools. The tools can be rented here for 30 days:

Where is the location of the fuel injectors in a 2002 Chevy Malibu?

A person should know the location of all the parts in their car. The fuel injectors of a 2002 Chevy Malibu are found under the engine cover, under the hood of the car.

Where is the IAT Sensor located in 2002 Saturn SL?

The 2002 Saturn IAT sensor can be found on the top of the engine. The IAT sensor will be near the injector fuel pump.

Where is crank sensor 2002 Saturn vue?

On the 2002 Vue with the v6 engine, the sensor is on the side of the engine. The sensor is right beside of the oil filter.

How many quarts of oil for a 2002 Saturn L200 with a 2.2l engine?


Where are the fuel injector in a ford scape 2002?

The fuel injectors are located over each cylinder of the engine block.

How long does it take to replace a clucth on a 2002 Saturn sc coupe?

if you know what you are doing, a day.

Can you put a 94 Saturn engine in a 2002 Saturn?

CAN??? Yes, certainly. But there will be significant additional costs since the head and EGR system are different.

How much engine oil you need for Saturn 2002 L-300?

You will need 5 quarts to change the oil and filter in a Saturn.

How do you get enough slack in the belt to get it back on the engine of a 2002 Ford Taurus?

remove engine....move...replace engine

Does 2002 XL7 have injectors?


Where is the starter on a 2002 Saturn vue 4 cylinder?

The starter on the 2002 Saturn vue is located on the front underside of the engine, follow the positive(red) cable from the battery and it should connect to the solenoid which is part of the starter.

Does a Saturn 1.9 liter engine in a 2002 SC2 have a timing belt?

no.... The Saturn Sc2 (in all years of production) has a timing chain......much better in my opinion.

How do you change the fuel injectors for a 2002 Honda Civic?

To change fuel injectors on a 2002 Honda Civic unclip them from the harness. The fuel rail will need to be removed and the injectors will be able to come off.

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