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How do you replace the fuel pump for a 1990 Honda Civic SI?


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2011-09-12 20:57:42
2011-09-12 20:57:42

under your rear seat take the 2 one that flipe and after the one you site on and you gone a see the pump 3 bolt whit a ring that hold the punp and that it

On my 90 civic SI the panel under the seat was just the fuel gage. i had to take the tank out (really Easy) just look underneath the back of the car you will see the tank with 2 straps holding it on just loosen the straps until you can unhook the latches on the end. there is also a plastic panel you have to take off so you can see the supply hoses and stuff that you also need to take off. just drop the tank down and you will see the fuel pump on the back drivers hand side .. with about 8 bolts holding it in. good luck


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I just paid $600 at a Honda dealer to replace fuel pump in a 2002 Honda Civic. Delray Beach, Florida

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The fuel pump on a 1987 Honda Civic is easily accessible through the cabin of the car. Remove the rear seats to find a panel that leads to the fuel pump. Lift the panel and unplug the fuel pump. Replace the unit.

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The fuel pump relay on the 1990 Honda Civic wagon will be located on the fuel line. Follow this line to the gas tank underneath the vehicle. This relay will be located on the right side of the line before it goes into the tank.

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