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1) Remove two stainless steel scrwes holding the lower marker light assembly.
This allows acces to a bolt you will have to remove.
2) The bolts hold the head light assembly to the truck. The socket size is 9mm
(Canada) U.S. you guess. Remove the four bolts and the head light assembly will
pull out.
Access to the bulbs is now visiable. Just twist out the old bulb and replace.
Reassembly is in the reverse order.

(different poster)-
My 2000 GMC Safari uses the Halogen bulb that inserts into the lense assembly (referred to as the "composite" bulb, and NOT the sealed-beam bulb).

You might be able to replace the bulb without removing the Lens assembly from the vehicle. However, use extreme care not to touch the new bulb-glass, and to insert it 'cleanly' (without touching the bulb-glass against anything) into the headlight lens.

I am right-handed. I opened the hood, made sure the headlights were off, and used this procedure:

Use a flat-blade screwdriver to dislodge the headlight electrical connector from the bulb (very carefully slip the flat-blade screwdriver between the connector and the bulb-base (still in the lens assembly) just enough to 'unlock' it and allow it to be removed from the headlight bulb- be careful not to break the connector).

I stood with my right arm against the car, in front of the lens assembly. I reached-in (for me, the drivers side) with my right hand, grabbed the bulb base, and rotated it counter-clockwise (counterclockwise when facing the back side of the bulb and lens).

Rotate the bulb about 3 'hours' (from the 6 o'clock position to about the 3 o'clock position). My bulb was 'sticky', and is the reason I had to stand as noted above to get enough torq to turn the bulb. The bulb should now be loose in the lense (but don't remove yet).

Note the postition of the bulb and bulb base before removing from the headlight lens assembly (i.e., 3:30 position).

Remove the old bulb. (Though I didn't, it would be a good idea to take a paper towel and wipe around and at the hole in the back of the headlight lens, before proceeding- see the next step below for the reason)

Orient the new bulb to the approx 3:30 position, and carefully and cleanly insert into the headlight lens, touching nothing against the bulb glass. I actually slightly touched the bulb-glass against the edge of the headlight bulb hole when inserting the bulb. There was no grease or oil at this opening, so I don't think it will affect performance/bulb-life. Time will tell...

Rotate clockwise approx. 3 hours (clockwise when facing the bulb from the back side) to lock the bulb in place.

Reconnect the headlight connector.

This worked for me to change out my driver-side bulb. Good luck.

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2009-11-11 16:08:26
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Q: How do you replace the headlight bulb located on a 2000 GMC Safari?
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