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How do you replace the headlight bulb located on a 2003 Vauxhall Vectra 2.2dti?

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Just did the job on 2003 dti sriIt is entirely different job than vectra b model, get under front bumper remove fog light take rubber cap off twist and pull light out ,reverse to put in, or you can undo bolt just to the left above fog light, when it is removed, undo the two top bolts holding unit, pull out red holding clip on electrics plug, you will need scewdriver to start it off, plug will just fall off when you have pulled it out far enough, take whole light unit out and replace bulb

Having just completed this exercise on a 2.5 V6 97 Vectra I would like to add the following tips. The bulbs are little devils to get hold off due to the lack of space and light inside the bonnet. So when dealing with the main beam pull out the side bulb and turn on the side lights. This will give you some light in the tight space. Before you undo the spring clip, attach a piece of fairly rigid plastic tubing (about 6 inches long) to the bulbs terminal. Make sure that the tubing is a firm fit, then undo the clip and withdraw the bulb using the plastic tube. This should insure that you don't drop the bulb into the headlamp cover or the car's floor pan like I did. Also notice which way around the bulb is located i.e.: the bulb flange is "D" shaped and can only be fitted one way round. Use the plastic tube to grip the terminal of the new bulb and guide it into the bulb's headlamp slot. Make sure that the flange is located correctly with your fingers, and then apply firm pressure to the tube to hold the bulb in place and relocate the spring clip one side at a time. The covers on the back of my headlights were just made of rubber and just pulled off rather than screwed. The job is awkward and more touchy feely than seeing what you are doing, but it two bulbs can be changed in under an hour

This varies slightly depending on what side you are changing. i.e off side or near side.

If changing near side( side where battery is located) you firstly have to remove the fuse box which is fastened onto the battery carriage by sliding it upwards. This will give you easier access.

Next remove the plastic cover that is covering the back of the headlamp by turning it anti clockwise. You should now see the back of the headlamp which has a two pin plug connector attached to it which simply pulls off.

To remove the bulb itself you will have to remove a small spring clip which holds it by pushing it towards the front of the vehicle and then push it to your right this should then fall away and let you remove the bulb.

When fitting the new bulb it is just the reversal of the above only it can be a little tricky trying to lock the spring clip back into place. A small mirror would help if you have one.

Also take care not to touch the glass on the new bulb as this will damage it.


Or just take the car to your Local dealer. A good Vauxhall dealer will replace them only charging for the bulb, just like I do.

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