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I own a 93 skylark and replacing the any of the bulbs in the front of the vehicle proved difficult due to the extended nose design. i found that when replacing the headlights using a pair of channel locks to gently grasp the back of the light fixture helped getting into the difficult work space, subseqently you have to turn the fixture 1\4 turn and pull straight back. Once the fixture is out simply pull the old light out by rocking the bulb from side to side to un seat it. Reverse the proceedure to get it back in. Blinker and side marker lights are also difficult to reach. If you are un successful approaching it from the top of the engine compartment ,turn the wheels one direction ( depending on which side of the car you are working on) , remove a few screws from the front of the wheel and gently peel back the wheel well just to gain slightly better access, butI warn you there is little room to work with tools under the hood of this particular model so be patient and dont drop anything in the engine. once you drop something you are going to have a difficult time finding anything again. Remember removing the wheel well may be a bit of a hassel at first but , it is better to take the long road to the top of the mountain and get there safely instead of rushing half way up only to fall back down.

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Q: How do you replace the headlight bulb located on a Buick Skylark?
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