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For the drivers side low beam lamp just reach in between the battery and the headlamp assembly. On the top right (towards the driver's front fender) there will be a 3 inch round rubber cap. Remove the cap then twist the bulb assembly ( bulb and wiring harness clip) counterclockwise and then detach the bulb from the wiring clip. You may need a tool with a small hook in order to remove the rubber cap. The passenger side is exactly the same except you must first remove the air filter cover( three screws ) to gain access to the bulb cover. The high beams are the same but they are the inside covers (closest to the radiator). As with all late model headlight bulbs, DO NOT TOUCH THE GLASS OF THE BULB with your fingers, as the oil from your skin will , when on, superheat the bulb and cause it to burst and you will have to get new bulbs again. For those persons with large hands/arms or if you like to work with the headlight assembly right in front of you, do the following. By the time you remove your airbox you can have your headlight bulb going into place! Remove the grill by lifting the hood and simply pulling from one top edge and working your way around. Mine pops off quite easily. After the grill is off you can get to two slide clips that hold the heatlight in place. One is on the top inside edge of the light and just slide a screwdriver under it and lift up. The other is on the outside edge of the light assembly. Slide the screwdriver in and slide it out to the side. The headlight will now slide out being held by the wires. You nay have to disconnect the side marker light to have enough wire to work with. You can now easily remove the boot(s) and follow the above procedure.

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Q: How do you replace the headlight bulb on a 2002 Chevy Trailblazer?
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