How do you replace the headlight fixture in a 1999 Jeep Cherokee Sport?

Pretty simple fix, the whole job takes fifteen minutes each and can be done without even opening the hood. First remove the plastic trim around the headlight and turn signal. There are two screws at the top left and right. After the screws are out pull the top of the trim forward and pull up gently. Just two little plastic tabs hold the bottom in.

Then set the trim aside and you will see a chrome trim ring around the glass bulb with four screws. one in each corner. DO NOT turn the screws that are centered at the top of the bulb and to the side of the bulb, those are the adjusters. Not terrible if you do turn them, You will just need to re-aim the head lights when youre done.

I just did the headlights on my wife's 99 Cherokee fifteen minutes ago, and I only took the top two screws out of the chrome trim, My screws turned very hard, I don't know if you will have the same experience, I'm in Michigan, I suspect the salt had something to do with it. Its a thin metal, and you can just bend the ring forward, then the bulb leans forward and you unplug the plug on the back of the bulb. Plug in your new bulb, I put some die electric grease on my plug, I don't know if it is necessary, I had it so I used it. Reinstall all the screws the opposite way you took them out.

When reinstalling the plastic trim, remember, just snug the screws down, Its very easy to crack the plastic, I have one of my wife's trim pieces in a glue jig right now, cause I got a little carried away.