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ALWAYS DISSCONNECT BATTERY TERMINALS (SO AIR BAGS DONT GO OFF)first YOU MUST PULL the entire DASH to get the the heater core housing located behind the stereo...ill see about getting u some diagrams...anywho in the engine compartment at the firewall a little to the passager side where the brakelines coming from the master cycinlder head south (just to the right) are the 2 heater hoses that are attached to the heater core remove these with a a Phillips head screw driver and disconnect hoses. when this is done and the ENTIRE DASH HAS BEEN REMOVED u will see the 3 pecies that consist of ur heating system the one on ur far left is the one ur after it is behind where the stereo was and houses the heater core u only want to remove this because the one to the right houses the evaporting core for ur a/c and it costs about 350-400 to get ur ac recharged (not to mention the gases in side are toxic and more the cold enough to burn u)

after u have removed the heater core install the new one and do everything above in the reverse orderwhen that's done youll need to bleed the cooling system. first add antifrezeze at the rad. until its filled then let the car run intill it gets up to normal temp (196 degrees F) leave the rad. cap off while doing this. after car has reached temp turn off engine refill rad. and reinstall rad cap. then besure the resavoir is full (located beside the passager strut tower)and start engine. when at nomarl oparateing temp...there is a 10mm bleeding screw on the top of the thermostat housing open only until u have fuild/ air coming out and leave open for about 3min or until u have continuous fuild NO AIR and retighten.

well think that's it enjoy and good luck (you'll need a full day to do this)

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Q: How do you replace the heater core on a 1995 Nissan 240SX?
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