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How do you replace the heater fan in a 1988 Ford Bronco 2?


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2009-11-11 08:07:32
2009-11-11 08:07:32

You can buy a book for the vehicle on e-bay . Costs like 10.00 and will answer most if not all of your questions" Good Luck.

I know this is stupid and you probably all ready thought of this but just in case check the fuse before you replace. Saved me time and $


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I have a 1987 ford bronco and I changed the heater core in about 15 minutes. All you have to do is remove glove box and there is a panel with a few screws around it. and there you go.

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The easiest way to fix a 1988 Ford Bronco gas hose leak is to replace the hose. You can also patch the week in the hose.

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Blocked heater core, faulty heater valve, disconnected connection to the heater valve.

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The 1988 Ford brake light switch does not adjust, replace it with a new one.

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