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How do you replace the ignition switch in a 1988 Chevy Corsica automatic with tilt and cruise after you have pulled the steering wheel?


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I have a 1993 Corsica and yours is probably similar. Disconnect the battery. Why? Airbag explosion! After you remove the Airbag if equipped (usually 4 bolts located on the back of the steering wheel holds it on) Look at the steering shaft for a E clip. It is a clip that sets around the shaft and has two holes in it. It takes a special E Clip removal tool. After this you can remove the metal ring that keeps the shaft from turning when switch is turned off. The switch assembly is held in with a star hear screw. Some are hidden behind a key alarm switch. Mine was white and it just pulls out. When you pull it out you will see the retaining screw hidden behind it. After this you can pull the key cam out.


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The switch is on the steering column about 18 inches from the floor. Simply take 2 screws holding it on and replace it.The locck cylinder is under the steering wheel.

Remove the retaining ring at the top of your 1994 Chevy Corsica ignition switch. Slide the ignition switch out and remove the wiring harness. Reverse the process to install the new ignition switch.

You can replace the ignition lock cylinder in your 1994 Pontiac Firebird without removing the steering will. Remove the retaining ring at the top of the ignition cylinder. The ignition cylinder will slide out.

Is it the switch, or the lock that you want to replace?

You have to replace the ignition key cylinder.

Usually you have replace the ignition key cylinder.

The ignition lock switch is found under the steering column on a 2004 Honda Civic. Remove the steering column and ignition switch. Loosen the mounting screws that hold the cylinder in place. Pull and replace the lock cylinder.

you have to remove the steering wheel. (if it has an airbag, be very careful not to set it off.) if no airbag, just remove the steering wheel, and on the ignition switch there is a bolt that simply screws out. remove the ignition switch, and replace with the new one. line up the bolt holes, and replace bolt. put steering wheel back on, and youre done.

Replace just the steering lock unit. The tumblers are old, and they need to be replaces. After replacing the lock, go to a locksmith, and have him re-key the doors to match your new ignition lock.

Remove the cover around the steering wheel cloumn.At the bottom of the ignition (where you put your key in) there is a black plug in.Unplug that and pull out the switch.There is your ignition switch.Just replace in the reverse.Thats it.

To replace an ignition switch on a 2000 Chevy Blazer remove the lower steering column and dash. Locate the ignition switch and pull the end-clip off the main harness. Remove the mounting screws from the ignition cylinder and replace the unit.

Pull your steering colum apart along with steering wheel and dash plastic, ignition swith is next to the key tumbler. Swap the parts.

Not an easy job requiring special pullers and tools. I suggest taking it to a garage.

you have to take the bottom steering column apart.

legally...with a key, or get ford to replace your ignition column

The ignition swithch is on the steering column about 18 inches from the floor and is held by 2 screws.

take off your steering wheel, and replace your ignition, its fairly easy, and depending on your model, not very costly

remove the steering wheel. unbolt the collar that holds the steering column underneath the dash. that plastic box halfway down the column with all of those wires hanging out of it is your ignition.

If it is on the steering column you have to remove the steering wheel, lock ring and turn signal plate to access the ignition lock bolt. There are a couple of tools needed to do this. work.

Yes, originally the door and ignition keys are the same. but if you have to replace your ignition / steering column, you will have a different (re-keyed) key for the door and for the ignition.

Since the 92 Chevy Corsica is equipped with SRS (Saftey Restraint System), ie: Airbags, which is located in the steering wheel. In order to replace the turn signal switch you must remove the steering wheel. Therefore I would only highly advise you to take it to a dealer to have this done.

One to repair an ignition switch on your Astro Van is buy a replacement steering column from a local salvage yard including the ignition key, and replace the whole steering column. RC Houston, TX

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