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I am trying to remove the ignition switch of a 1991 camry...Someone tried to steal the car and damaged the keyway...I purchased a new ignition switch but is having a difficult time removing the old cylinder...Is there a "trick" to this task? I 'd appreciate any assistance...Thanks Several tricks--- first remove trim around instruments---then pop off trim ring around ignition switch---unfasten upper and lower steering column covers--remove upper--get about 12 in of 1/8 brass rod---bend a 90 angle about 1/8 long on one end.---unfasten light ring and move out of the way---put key in ignition and turn to ACC position--the release button is about 2in in where switch says LOCK--slide tool in and use the tool to depress the pin (which you cant see) the lock should pop out---key must be in new cyl in ACC position to put new one in---for this they charge $150 If the key doesnt work you have to drill out cylinder and use screwdriver to turn too ACC position.

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Q: How do you replace the ignition switch on a 1991 Toyota Camry?
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