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How do you replace the motor and regulator for 1996 front passenger window?

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2008-04-09 22:19:29

Take the door panel off there are 2 screws one is located at the

bottom of door panel the other is hidden behind the button panel

which contains the up/down switch for the window use a flat head

screwdriver to remove the button panel. After these 2 screws are

removed take the panel off by lifting the panel in an upward

direction it is hooked to the door. unattach wires and then

everything should be relatively easy. remove regualtor by

unscrewing two bolts on top and drilling 2 rivits that at the

bottom of the door. the window is riveted to the the regulator so

that will also have to be drilled. Do not drill the 3 rivets where

the motor is located. the motor can be removed by unscrewing 3 star

type screws. to put it back together you'll need to buy replacement

nuts and bolts to replace the rivets you drilled.

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