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A 1970 Delta 88 is rear wheel drive, and the speedo/odo cable should be connected to the tailshaft of the transmission, not the front left wheel. The cars dashboard may have to be disassembled to remove the existing speedo/odo cluster, and the cable connects to the back of that unit and can be removed, then the bad cable and/or bad speedometer can be replaced.

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How do you replace the lights in the radio and AC buttons on the steering wheel on a 1993 Delta 88?

You have to replace the whole button.

Why doesnt the speedometer and odometer work on my 1988 olds delta 88?

U need a new speedometer cable. It runs from the transmission to the speedometer. They tend to break in half or just seize up after they get so old. They are easy to replace, it takes to people to do it but it is really easy to do. I hope I helped you.

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What is making your brake light stay on in a 1995 Delta 88?

replace the sensor behind brake paddle.

How do you replace the headlight dimmer switch on a 87 olds delta 88?

To replace the headlight dimmer switch on an 87 Olds Delta 88 you need to open the instrument panel under the steering column. Next, remove the two screws holding the switch in place, remove old switch, and reverse directions to replace with new switch.