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What I did to remove it:

1) Drained the engine oil

2) (myth #1: the starter must be removed) I only disconnected the positive battery cable.

3) Removed the cooling fan (picture 1)

4) (Myth #2: the upper intake/throttle body must be removed) I unbolted the windshield wiper motor from the firewall and let the motor hang freely, still connected to the wiper lever inside the cowl. To get its three bolts out, I first unscrewed the cowl sheet metal screws at the top of the firewall (picture 2). With those out, the cowl can be slightly flexed upward, allowing just enough room for removal of the three wiper motor bolts.

5) Removed the two motor mount nuts from under the cross member

6) Using an engine hoist, I raised the engine until it met the firewall WHILE positioning the wiper motor clear of the upper intake (picture 3).

7) Placed a jack stand under the harmonic balancer (picture 4) to support the engine.

8) (Myth #3: the oil pump pickup tube or oil pump must be removed) I just unbolted the oil pan, tilted it down and back, the removed it (picture 5). The engine mounts were about about 1.5 inches off the cross member (picture 6). This height allowed the oil pan to just barely clear the bottom of the bell housing.

9) Removed the oil pan gasket.

What I did to install it:

1) Draped a clean rag over the top of the cross member. This kept gunk off the gasket as I dragged it over the cross member to install it.

2) Wiped off the block gasket surface, installed gasket "Snap-its" into the most forward and rearward oil pan bolt holes (these are supplied with the gasket), then snapped the gasket into place (picture 7) and (picture 8).

3) Inserted the new oil pan from under the rear of the engine. (Here's the Trick) The front "snap-its" prevented the pan from moving fully forward into position. So with the pan as far forward as possible, I held it up with one hand and unscrewed the front �snap-its� with my other hand. The gasket fell into the pan. While still holding the pan up with one hand, I pulled it out and positioned it correctly on the pan with my free hand. I pushed the pan up and forward into its final installed position and REINSTALLED the snap-its, screwing them through the front oil pan holes. Thus the pan was now held in place, suspended by the snap-its

4) Installed the oil pan bolts.

5) Lowered the engine.

6) Installed the engine mount bolts.

7) Installed the wiper motor bolts and cowl screws

8) Installed the cooling fan.

9) Installed battery cable

10) Filled the engine oil.

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Q: How do you replace the oil pan gasket on a 1994 Ford F-150 300 4.9?
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