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How do you replace the passenger outside power mirror on a 2004 Ford Ranger?


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You need to first remove the interior door side panel. To do so:

1. Remove the screw located in the outer/lower corvner of the door panel using a Phillips screwdriver.2. Remove the two Phillips screws located in the black armrest section. They are located directly behind the door close handle.3. Remove the armrest section by gently pulling at the top. There are two friction tabs at the top that will come out without tools. 4. Once you have the armrest section out let it hang by the wires. Right in the middle of the removed section you will see another Phillips head screw. Remove it. You will now be able to push the entire door panel section up and out. Feed it through the armrest section and store.5. Remove the speaker located on the inside of the door. It has 4 hex nuts. Let it also hang. Directly behind it you will see the electrical connection for electric mirrors. Pry open with screwdriver and remove.6. Last, remove the three hex nuts holding the mirror and remove.

Installation is the reverse.


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