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How do you replace the passenger side mirror on a 1988 pulsar?


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2015-07-16 18:13:50
2015-07-16 18:13:50

First remove the leather triangle cover on the inside of the car, where the mirror mounts. there are several screws there, and a electrical connection if you have power mirrors.


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takeing it off and putting a new one on??

If you pull off the plastic shield inside the car you will see a couple of bolts that screw into the mirror housing. Watch out for small bolts dropping inside the door panel. Magnet-on-a-stick will help

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The best place is to get it from a wrecking yard.

on my 1988 i had to first remove the door panel and then reach up there and hold the little bracket and then unscrew the mirror and dont forget to unplug it is electric and reverse it to re install it

Been there, done that. It can't be tightened, you just have to replace it. I bought a used one on eBay for $15.

On the 1988 Pulsar NX SE, when you're standing in front of the car, looking into the engine compartment, it's on the left side (the passenger side) near the top of the engine, towards the back. Just follow the big hose from the top of the radiator to where it connects to the engine. It looks like it's held on with 3 bolts that are probably able to be removed using a normal socket set without removing anything major around it. I'm going to replace mine tomorrow...

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you need to take apart the lower dash on the passenger side. This is not a fun job.

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no the fuel pump is on the passenger side of the fuel tank. tight fit but can be done with some patience!

The fuse box for a 1988 Mercedes 560 SL is located on the passenger side right about the right ankle of the passenger when seated.

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Normally the ECU is located under the passenger seat or behind the passenger kick panel.

The spark plug gap for a 1998 Nissan Pulsar with the 1.8L L4 is .044-inches. The Nissan OE plug for this application is the NGK Laser Platinum part#4045.

on the passenger side exhaust pipe. Just under the passenger door location.

You should call one of the auto glass (windsheild) replacement centers or call a local glass shop. they should be able to replace just the broken mirror for about $20.00. let me know if this helped.

it is on the inside of the framerail on the passenger side

Passenger side behind the glove box.

Answer On the passenger side behind the kick panel....

First open door Remove triangle plastic cover inside car at back of mirror Undo three screws Disconnect wiring (unclip joiners) Fitting is reverse! Obviously lol Hope it helps. Like most auto repairs it is an easy fix. You can do it!

remove steering column, pull back dash to passenger front seat, you do not have to dis-assemble entire dash panel. You can access plenum (heater box)this way.

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