How do you replace the power steering pulley on a 1992 Ford Thunderbird?

Most Ford power steering Pulleys are pressed on.There should be a 1" diameter hub in the center,front of the pulley with a small groove around it.This groove is where the tool connects.A two armed wheel puller with hooks facing inward,can be used,but it's very difficult.Most vehicles don't allow enough room to remove the pulley,requiring removal of the entire pump.I'm not sure if a pulley can be purchased new,it may be a salvage item,If so,you would be getting the entire pump.Most likely around $25.00,since a new pump is about $50.00 new at Advance Auto or Auto Zone. .

ON the 1992 Thunderbird you MUST remove the pulley in order to remove the actual pump.

Most of the major parts chains (AutoZone, O'reilly's, etc.) have the puller in their "loaner" program.