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How do you replace the power window motor on a 1985 Chevy Silverado?


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I had this problem: 1. put new spark plugs (change all) 2. put new spark-wires 3. if this wan't help check the rotor cap for any cuts (if there are cuts inside the rotor cap the they will be very very fine) better is to buy a new. 4. You should make a injector cleaning

Get a Chilton's Manual. It explains how to do it fairly well. Then all you need is a little patience and mechanical skill.

It is also easier to pull out the entire regulator with the assembly, then remove the motor from it.

I had to pull the whole regulator out of door. But keep in mind you must remove window first,then put regulator in a vise,so the spring tension wont be released.If you dont have a vise drill a hole in the arm with the teeth in it so you can bolt it to the X frame,so the tension dont get released. You proberly have to drill out rivits on old motor also.


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