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You would need to take off the door panel in order to remove it. I've included an auto repair video in "related links" down below that will show you exactly what needs to be done to replace it on your 2000 Volkswagen Passat. Hope this helps you out.

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โˆ™ 2012-02-02 18:20:22
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Q: How do you replace the power windows switch in a 2000 VW passat?
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Why is my power windows and odometer are off no power?

no power on the power windows switch

Firebird power windows stop working and then start again?

sounds like you need to replace power window master switch

What would cause the power windows to automatically roll up when the car is shut off on your 1990 VW Passat?

it could be that your relay is stuck on. your passat windows can be lowered or raised when car is off.

2002 Passat - Fuses all OK but no wiper heater blower or HL headlight power - are there any relays I should check?

Replace the electrical portion of the ignition switch

99 Volkswagen passat passenger power windows dont work Driver side works great. Replaced driver switch but no change.?

You will more than likely be needing to change the power window motor in the door. It sounds like the switch is ok. This would be the next step

Why would ac blower motor and power windows only work when ignition switch is partially engaged on 2001 dodge ram 2500?

The ignition switch is bad. Replace it.

Why does the power windows work independently but not when controlled by the drivers side switches?

more than likely you will have to replace the drivers side master switch

What is the problem when you have to turn ignition key back to get power windows to work on 99 dodge intrepid?

your switch is going may need to replace it

Camaro Z28 power windows?

Sometimes it is the switch.

How do you get your power windows to work in your 1994 astro van?

To get your power windows to work in your 1994 Astro Van, first remove the interior door panel. Now you can access the actuator, the window switch, and the window motor. Replace the broken part in order to make the windows work again.

Where is bcm located on vw passat?

The bcm that controls power windows, locks and doors is located on the driverside floor.

Power windows master switch?

Check master switch If burnt or black spots or broken replace ,Check power lead wire (usually red) for cracks ,wear,etc..Replace if needed .Make sure good connect from power lead to switch.Also make sure other connections are good ,including ground connection

How do you replace the fuse for power windows on a Chevrolet Impala?

Power windows are protected by an automatic resetting circuit breaker.

On my 2003 explorer all power window switches don't work door locks do?

Try removing the main window switch on the driver's side. All the switches are connected to that switch. If that switch has gone bad then you need to replace it. Also check the fuse to the power windows. Might have gone bad.

Why don't the power lucks work on the 2001 Nissan Pathfiner?

did you mean power locks? for windows and doors? If so....check the wiring (from circuit breaker close to the fuse box) and replace switch if needed

1994 vw passat can you replace just the power steering rack seals or do you need to replace the whole steering rack?

Replace the whole rack, it would take speical tools to replace seals

If the windows dont work is there are relay switch?

Allright with a voltimitter check your switchs so when you roll them up or down you have power to the switch if not its your door switch. if you do have power check if you have power to your motor. there is no relay switch theres only fuses.

How do you get your power windows in your Suzuki xl7 to work?

First, check that the window lock switch is not pressed. It is on the drivers door next to the four power window switches, it has a little picture of a door and window on it with an X through it. If the switch is pressed, only the driver can open and shut the windows, the switches on the other doors will not work. If the windows won't work at all, not even from the driver's door, make sure the fuse for the power windows is good. Replace it if you don't know how to check it, fuses are cheap.

How do you repair the power windows on your 1965 Thunderbird?

You dont, you replace them.

How to replace a Power window switch on a 1993 Buick Skylark?

Do you mean the main switch by the driver or the switch on the door itself?

What could be wrong if your Power window will roll down but wont roll up?

Your switch could be worn out you would have to replace the rocker to the switch or replace the whole window switch console.

How do i replace a power window switch in a 97 Buick Skylark?

Do you mean for the door or the main switch on the driver's side? The main switch is very easy to replace... not sure about the door switches.

Where do you go to install fuses for the electric windows on a 1992 VW Passat GL?

Fuse panel. Location is listed in your owner's manual. If all your power windows are not working, like my 90 Passat, I had to replace the window relay (control module) located under the rear back seat. There are two black boxes there, it is the larger box. At the dealer they wanted over $200 but I went to a wrecking yard and picked it up for under $20.

Why can you not roll up or roll down all four windows from the drivers side door all windows are power windows?

broken switch or fuze

Why do windows go down on their own?

You may have a short in the power window switch.