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# Disconnect the negative battery cable. Wait at least 90 seconds before performing any other work. # Remove the lower engine cover. # Drain the cooling system. # Remove the air cleaner duct. # Remove the lower (No. 2) fan shroud. # Disconnect the upper and lower radiator hoses from the radiator. # Disconnect and plug the automatic transmission lines. # Disconnect the reservoir tank inlet hose. # Detach the cooling fan motor connector and the coolant temperature switch wiring. # Remove the upper radiator supports and radiator. # Remove both lower supports. # Remove the electric fan and bracket, then remove the No. 1 fan shroud. If the radiator is to be serviced or replaced, remove the coolant temperature switch from the radiator. To install: # Install the coolant temperature switch if it was removed. Tighten it to 65 inch lbs. (8 Nm). # Install the No. 1 fan shroud to the radiator. # Install the electric fan and bracket. # Install the two lower supports to the radiator. Install the radiator with the two upper supports and torque the bolts to 9 ft. lbs. (12 Nm).

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Q: How do you replace the radiator on a 1993 Lexus GS300?
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