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look under the back of your truck. there should be a steel line running from each brake cylinder to a splitter about midway down the axel. there should also be a metal line running from the splitter to the fluid reseviour in your engine compartment. to remove the lines: find the proper size wrench. loosen and remove the line. replace the line with a new one. tighten it up. you will have to add more fluid to the resivour (dot 3 brake fluid) afterwards. now you "bleed" the brakes to remove the air from the lines (air in the lines causes squishy, and uneven brake opperation.) to bleed the brakes: get a friend. this is a 2 person job. one of you get in the cab (person 1). the other under the truck by the wheel that the new line was put on (person 2). there will be a little valve poking out of the back of the brake just above or beside the brake line. now: person 1 = (1), person 2 = (2) have (1) step on the brakes hard and hold them. (2) open the bleeder valve until (1) yells "FLOOR!" (this means that the brake petal has gone all the way to the floor.) as soon as (2) hears "floor," close the valve. next (1) pumps the brakes 3-4 times to build up pressure. (2) open the valve again and then close it when (1) hollers. repeat this procedure until only brake fluid comes from the bleeder valve. you will see air sputter out as well for a few goes. once the air is removed from the lines, refill the resiviour with fluid. put the cap back on. then your good to go.

note: be carefull when opening the valve. the fluid can shoot pretty far. also make sure that you do it where you don't mind getting plenty of fluid on the ground. and remember, brake fluid will discolor clothes and any other cloth is comes in contact with.

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Q: How do you replace the rear brake line in a 1991 Dodge Dakota truck?
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