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1 remove engine from truck 2 remove all tires 3 pull tranny 4 pull drive shafts 5 unbolt rear axle and jack up for clearance 6 dissconect all wiring to fuel tank and rear lights of truck 7 remove fuel sending unit and tank (be sure to purchase new fuel pump o ring seal and tank mounting straps for tank upon installation. 8 working inside the cab remove dash and rear window to gain access to the heater core. 9 remove carpeting and radio for clearance to remove the core. 10 remove core 11 as a safety precausion remove all under dash wiring and break pedal to simplify line replacement 12 it is especially important that you remove fuse box! 13 relace brake line 14 installation is the reverse of the removal

Some body is being a smart a** all you have to do is run the new brake line along the frame

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โˆ™ 2012-02-29 03:22:14
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Q: How do you replace the rear brakeline in the 1988 Ford F150?
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