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How do you replace the rear directional light bulb on a 1997 Ford Contour?


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2007-01-27 20:47:49
2007-01-27 20:47:49

All you have to do is open the trunk and look an the side that the light is out and see if there are some screws undo the screws pull the plastice open and you should be able to get to the light's and blinker.

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This is a trick question. You have to get a new car.

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On a 1997 Ford Contour : ( No ) Just the engine oil pressure warning light located in the upper right area of your gauge cluster ( above the fuel gauge )

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lift the boot, and grab a screw driver and unscrew the light and then at the back of the light twist the bulb out and replace and twist it back in afterwards.

The pump isin the tank. Get amanual on it from the parts store. In a 1997 Ford Contour with a V-6 it is not in the tank, it is underneath the rear seat and it only takes 20 mins to replace I have a 1997 countour. it is in the tank, But you can access it by pulling off the rear seat. the rear seat literally pulls out, and then it is right there. Just make sure you relieve the fuel pressure otherwise it will spray all over when you disconnect it.

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To replace the parking light bulbs, remove the screw on top of the headlight and pop out the clearance light. The parking light bulb will be accessible after this removal.

On most Fords of this period it is at the bottom of the fluid tank on outside. You must remove the entire tank to get at the pump.

Sounds As If You Need To Replace It. There Isn`t Much Of A Test To See If It Is Working Unless You Remove It. Replace It + Any Radiator, Heater Hoses, Bypass Hose Also.

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