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How do you replace the rear outside brake turn indicator bulbs on a 1997 Lincoln Continental?

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Some are accessable from the trunk. If not, take the light assy off.

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Can i replace Ball joints on Lincoln continental 2002?

yes i can

How do you remove window washer container on 2000 Lincoln continental?

How do I replace the washer on my 200 Continental? Don

How do you replace the fuel pump on a 1995 Lincoln continental?

In the fuel tank

How to replace the timing belt on 2001 Lincoln Continental?

You don't. The 2001 Lincoln Continental does not have a timing belt it has a chain. The cam is driven by a chain that requires no maintenance.

How many hours replace fuel pump on 1995 Lincoln Continental?

43 million.

What shocks can replace the air ride shocks on 1996 Lincoln continental?

spring struts

How do you replace a 1989 Lincoln Continental heater cord?

The dash and fire wall need to be taken out.

Replace a pulley on a 99 Lincoln continental?

purchase a pulley remover and installer tool, then write baack when you have it.

91 Lincoln continental turn signal flashers do not work?

replace the turn signal flasher fuse.

What is the average cost to replace a oil pump on a 1991 Lincoln continental?

It should be about $220, depending on where you are located.

How do you replace window motor in Lincoln Continental?

The window motor on a Lincoln Continental is replaced by removing the door trim, disconnecting the wiring harness to the motor, and unbolting it from the door. A new motor can then be mounted and hooked up.

Air condition stop blowing and outside temp indicator stop working?

Replace the outside temp sensor first.If the car thinks it -32 outside,then the air will not work.

How do you replace the high-mount brake lamp bulb for a 1995 Lincoln Continental?

From in the truck, drop panel.

Why do the interier light go on and off in my 2000 Lincoln continental?

the keypad on the door is no good. either replace it or disconect it

How do you change bake brakes on a 1992 Lincoln continental?

If you mean the back brakes, I have a 1994 Lincoln Continental. To replace the pads on the back, I had to buy a special tool to depress the cylinder. Its a screw type cylinder and had to have this tool to put new pads on.

How to replace the front right side turn signal assembly for a 1985 Lincoln Continental?

i need to replace a throttle sensor and put a throttle body rebuild kit in

If an engine on 95 Lincoln Continental stalls and blows thick white smoke out tailpipe is it time to replace engine?

check the head gaskets before you replace motor

How do you replace shift indicator light 2003 Escalade?

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How do you replace a heater core on a 1994 Lincoln Continental?

In order to replace the heater core, you have to go under the dash, passanger side. But before you go for it, you have to drain the coolant from the motor.

How do you replace spark plugs 1998 Lincoln Continental?

there is an important Lincoln repair manual you can find at any auto parts store , I just had one for 16 bucks and it helps a lot.

How do you replace a 1994 Lincoln Continental serpentine fan belt?

turn belt tensioner clockwise to loosen there is a special tool you can get as loaner tool