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It is in the fuse pannel and simply unplug it

On the pass. side beside the glove box (when open) there is the fuse box. Above or beside the fuse box is the relays for the turn & hazard signals.

You may have to remove the glove compartment all the way over to the ash tray that whole assembly comes out look up where the glove compartment used to be. You will see the relays. Use your owners manual it will point you to the flasher relay.

If your turn signal is not flashing, replacing the flasher or relay might not fix it. Especially if one side flashes and the other doesn't, there is probably a short or corroded wire somewhere in the circuit. Refer to a wiring diagram to test with a test light. Good luck.

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Q: How do you replace the rear turn signal bulb located on a 1993 Dodge Dynasty?
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