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Refill valve is a very important component in your toilet since it fills the tank of the toilet after every flush. This valve uses a float to turn the water on and off. This is a plumber related work, only a professional plumber can repair it.

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bad flapper valve. cheap and easy to replace. check with lowes or home depot plumbing dept. they can tell you exactly what you need and how to install it.

there is a blockage either in supply pipe or refill valve.

Just replace the ballcock valve..

Refill tube not connected /working.Float valve stuck or water turned off

That device is called the refill tube. This allows water to go down the overflow tube to refill the water closet bowl while the tank is filling.

It is a valve on the floor, next to the toilet. The pipe from this valve feeds the toilet

Diaphram? I'm not sure what part you are talking about. Normally replace the fill valve with a Fluidmaster 400a, new supply line, and the flapper with the proper one for your toilet.

Have the new valve in hand. Cut the toilet water supply off at the commode, or even at the street meter box.Remove water tube or pipe supply and old flush valve. Install new valve and new supply line if required.

The labor cost to install a float valve in the toilet will depend on the hourly wage of the plumber. The part should take no longer than a hour to replace.

First check to see if the valve for the water supply is turned on. If that isn't the problem you may need to replace the tank water valve, they do wear out and are not that expensive or difficult to replace.

You would replace a flush valve or 'flapper' when it gets distorted or leaks slowly as they all eventually do. Take it out and go to Home Depot and you will see many better ones than there were when your toilet was made. Average cost $6-10.

I think your fill valve is clogged with seddiment.Just replace it.

Replace the flush valve or there is something buggered in the stop. Try opening the handle from the stop some more, if this doesn't help, you need to replace the flush valve in the tank.

That is a fill valve and is part of the ballcock system. When someone pulls the lever, that pulls the chain and lifts the flush valve flapper and empties the tank into the bowl. That causes the float to drop, opening the fill valve and allowing water from the supply to enter and refill the tank.

There is no such thing as a "flushing tower" in America you have to go to France and ask for directions about changing a Douglas valve or fluid intake valve (Ball cock)

The sloan valve is the best valve available to put on a toilet. If you have a toilet that is used a lot, you should definitely get one.

On a syphon type, the diaphragm will scream if perforated or cracked. Depending on which system you have fitted, this could be anything from the ball valve to the flap valve and all points between.Below are instructions to change something completely. If you recognise what system the contributor is referring to all is well. For the rest of us it makes little sense.Explanation of a repair to an unspecified flush systemI don't know why but follow these instructions EXACTLY to fix it.Turn off the water supply to the toilet. Follow the hose attached to the bottom of the toilet tank to the cut-off valve. Turn this valve clockwise to turn off the water. Empty the tank by flushing the toilet, then dry out the toilet tank using old towels or a sponge. Place a bucket under the toilet tank to catch any water that is still in the tank.Unscrew the nut holding the hose to the bottom of the tank with vice grips or channel locks.Remove the nut screwed on to the toilet pump. This is under the toilet tank. After you loosen this nut, you may need to hold the toilet pump with one hand while removing the nut with the other because the toilet pump may turn with the nut.Remove the clip attached to the refill tube from the overflow pipe. Remove the toilet pump from the toilet tank.Attach the refill tube that came with your replacement toilet pump to the new toilet pump. Slide one end of the refill tube over the nipple on the toilet pump to cover the nipple completely. Attach the angle adapter to the other end of the refill tube.Place one of the shank washers that came with your replacement toilet pump on the threaded shank of the new toilet pump. Place the threaded shank into the hole in the bottom of the toilet tank.Fit the other shank washer over the threaded shank and push the washer firmly against the toilet tank.Replace the nut on the threaded shank of the toilet pump and tighten fully.Clip the refill tube to the overflow pipe using the angle attachment provided.Screw the water supply hose tightly onto the threaded shank. Turn the water supply back on and check for leaks. If water leaks from around the new toilet pump, check to make sure both shank washers are firmly in place and tighten both nuts fully.

The cost to replace the water shut of valve varies based on if it is to a sink, toilet, hose, or the entire house as well as the type of pipe used. They can range from twenty dollars to around a hundred dollars.

the pump supply's the pressure, the resivoir supply's the fluid, the valve dirercts the fluid into the cylinder, to extend or retract the cylinder.

they are many my friend : CH engine oil . replace eng oil filter . air filter . cheek or replace drive belt . inspect PVC valve or replace .refill auto transmission fluid change sump filter . drain and refill front and rear axles . inspect brake linings . clean and replace brake fluid . lubricate upper knuckle ball stud . drain transfer case and refill ... thanks MR : LIBZO

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