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How do you replace the serpentine belt on 1997 Chrysler Town and Country?


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2015-07-16 18:28:02
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Alignment - The link below provides a good solution to align the pulley to keep the belt in place. It is on the bracket of the power sterling, instead of on the idler pulley.

I do not have problem with my '97 3.3L T&C after 80K miles. Not every cars need the adjustment. I posted the previous (about Autozone's web page) to help you to know if the belt is aligned or not.

Is your belt coming off, like when you go through a puddle? This is a VERY common problem with the earlier Dodge/Chrysler vans. When the belt comes off when you are driving, you lose your power steering, power brakes, and eventually your battery goes dead because your alternator (recharges your battery) is also out. There have been hundreds of complaint to the National Institute of Highway Safety, but to date, there has never been a recall. Bottom line - Someone will have to get killed as a result of this failure or poor design before there is a recall.

ANYWAY, back to the serpentine belt. Our belt on our 1997 Dodge Grand Caravan came off numerous times, before I realized that the idler wheel toward the front and above (right under an air conditioning line dripping condensed water by the way) is actually too far in and has too much bevel on it allowing the belt to slip off easier. In addition to the dripping condensate as a potential problem, there is no splash guarding underneath that area to prevent water, snow, slush, etc. from flying up onto the idler wheel causing the belt to come off. SOLUTION: I found a simple 10 cent washer that has an inside diameter the size of the idler wheel bolt and an outside diameter no greater than the idler wheel bearing housing. I took the idler wheel off and put the washer behind it and reinstalled. That little bit more of space moves the idler wheel out just enough to keep the belt from coming off. My belt has NEVER come off again. Isn't it amazing that a simple washer that costs only pennies, could actually save someone's life. Apparently, Dodge/Chrysler doesn't think so !


The first figure from the web below (credit to Autozone web after I did a search) gives you clue if the belt is in place or not, I believe the engine should be running when checking the position of the belt:


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