How do you replace the serpentine belt on a 1995 Pontiac Grand AM?

Locate the tensioner pulley within the engine bay. It usually is near the top and middle of the engine, above the crank and fan pulleys. You can recognize it by noting that Avery other pulley in the engine bay has grooves that the servpentine belt rests in but the tensioner pulley is smooth and the belt rides on the smooth side of the belt. Once you find the smooth tensioner pulley, look at the middle of it. There will be a 6 point (hex) stud that you want to use a long-handled socket wrench upon. you may even need a breaker bar to get enough leverage to overcome the tensioners spring. turn the socket wrench in the direction which pulls the pulley away from the belt. there is a lot of force involved so don't let go or use the wrong size socket as it may slip possibly injuring you or anyone that may be helping you.You will most likely need another person to help you remove the belt and install the new one since you will be using two hands to releive the pressure of the pulley. After the belt is removed, you may slowly let the tensioner back down while you wind the new belt around all but the tensioner pulley. Carefully crank back the tensioner pulley until the belt can be sliped underneath the pulley and slowly release it back down upon the belt. Check to ensure the serpentine belt hasn't derailed from all the grooves from any pulleys. After that, starterup. Good luck. KrispyKreemD