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First, loosen the clutch cable, and remove the wing nut all the way and pull the cable out of the way. Mark the outside of the arm in case you forget which way it goes back together. Look at the end of the shaft where the arm attaches. There is a small circlip (circular clip with 2 small holes). Spray it down with WD40 or equivalent and let it soak a few. Remove the will need some circlip pliars specially designed to remove and install the clip. Then, the arm should slide out, off of the shaft. Some prying might be needed to get it started...just be careful not to force anything. The old, and probably broken, spring will come off now. Reassemble. The arm is splined so that it only goes on one way. Take a good look so that you see how the splines work and how to get it back together. Rememer which side is the outside? Hook the 'hook' part of the spring around the arm and slide the arm and spring back on the shaft. The spring is correct as long as the hook part of the spring wraps around and contacts the part of the arm closest to the front of the vehicle. As you start sliding the arm onto the shaft, you will see that the straight part of the spring end needs to be popped up onto the shelf near the front of the it it's springing action. This can be a little tricky, but not too bad. Once you have the spring seated correctly, the arm will slide all the way back on. It is all the way in as long as the groove that the circlip fits into is visible. Finally, replace the circlip and readjust the clutch. Don't tighten the cluth too much, or it will ride your throughout bearing and wear your cluch prematurely. There should be just a tad of slop in the pedal before you feel the clutch start to engage. And last really careful if you are jacking up your vehicle and working under it. Always work on a flat and hard surface. Always use jack stands and block the front wheels. Have fun and be safe.

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Q: How do you replace the spring on the external clutch operating arm on a 1969 VW Bug?
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Why is there operating clearance between the clutch release bearing and spring diaphragm?

If there were no operating clearance the clutch release bearing would constantly be in contact with the spring diaphragm causing wear on both the diaphragm and the bearing itself, also the bearing pushing on the diaphragm could cause the clutch friction plate to not be fully engaged and slip.

State two reasons why it is important to have an operating clearance between the clutch release bearing and spring diaphragm?


Would the clutch pedal going to the floor and staying on the floor be just the clutch going out or what could it be if so and how do you replace the clutch on a 2001 Maxima?

You should not attempt to replace the clutch yourself unless you have considerable mechanical skills. In this case, the problem is most likely that the spring holding the clutch pedal in place is broken.

Why is it important to have an operating clearance between the clutch release bearing and spring diaphragm?

in order to prevent continuous rotation of the release bearing. This prevents premature wear of the bearing. To ensure that the full spring pressure and clamping force is applied at the clutch contact faces. This prevents clutch slip.

What does the clutch center plate with spring hub do?

The clutch centre plate with spring hub help in holding the spring leaf spring in place in a vehicle.

How do you change the clutch spring on a Murray riding lawn mower?

how to install a spring clutch on a murray mower

Why does the clutch pedal on a 1998 cavalier not spring back?

the return spring on the clutch pedal assembly must be replaced.

How do you fix the clutch spring on a 1996 Geo Metro?

If you are referring to the little springs inside the clutch assembly itself, you don't fix them, you replace the clutch.See:How_do_you_replace_the_clutch_in_a_96_Geo_MetroIf you mean anything else in there with the clutch, see the above anyway, that'll get you inside.

What is the Spring in the clutch and the brake used for?

For the brake it's pretty obvious. You don't want the brake to stay on when you aren't braking, so you need the spring to push it back. For the clutch it's the same but in reverse. You want the clutch to stay on, except for when you're depressing the lever. The spring keeps the clutch on, until you use the lever to overcome the spring. Then when you release the lever the spring kicks in again, engaging the clutch.

What is a clutch springs?

A spring is used to hold together the clutch and the flywheel.

What is the disadvantage of diaphragm clutch?

Diaphragm spring clutch are less in weight

What are 3 advantages of a diaphragm spring type clutch compared to a multicoil spring clutch?

diaphragam clutch is small in size as compare to spring clutch and it transmits more torque as diaphragm exerts more force as copare to springs...... therefore it is advantageous to use diaphragm...

Clutch spring 240sx?

Adjustments is behind top of the clutch pedal. Clutch spring should be under the car on the transmission closest to the motor block, next to the slave cylinder.

How is contact between drive and driven members of a clutch maintained?

clutch pedal over -centre spring pressure

1995 escort clutch?

The 1995 Escort clutch has a single dry plate diaphragm spring type clutch. The clutch plate has a splined hub which allows it to slide along the splines on the input shaft. The clutch and pressure plate are held in contact by spring pressure exerted by the diaphragm spring in the pressure plate. During shifting when the clutch pedal is depressed, which transmits hydraulic pressure from the master cylinder to the release cylinder, pushing on the release lever so the throwout bearing pushes on the diaphragm spring fingers, disengaging the clutch.

Your clutch feels like a the brake?

Have a look at: Clutch slave cylinder Clutch cable More than likely the clutch itself has broken spring(s)

How do you replace a clutch spring on a 1995 ford escort?

I'm assuming you mean the pressure plate on the clutch. It is a time consuming job. The transmission has to come out. Then the clutch comes out. It is about a $600 job to get this done and also put in a new clutch disc. Unless you know your way around transmissions and drive shafts I would suggest having it done.

What are the advantages of a diaphragm spring clutch?

Diaphragm clutch is smaller specially on size compare to other spring clutch. It also transmits much more torque as diaphragm exerts more force as compare to other strings.

How do you change the spring in a AR magazine?

Remove the floorplate, replace spring, replace floorplate

What is the advantage of diaphragm clutch over spring clutch?

diaphragam clutch is small in size as compare to spring clutch and it transmits more torque as diaphragm exerts more force as copare to springs...... therefore it is advantageous to use diaphragm clutch intead of spring clutch... more compact means of storing energy. thus compact design results in smaller clutch housing......... less affected by centrifugal force..can withstand higher rotational speeds... diaphragm acts as both clamping spring and release levers..therefore many extra parts like struts, eye bolts, levers etc can be eliminated....

VT1100C2 Torque for spring clutch?

I need the torque urgently.

Why multi coil spring clutch?

Because race car

Why is the clutch pedal still sticking after clutch replaced in alpha romeo?

you need to change the spring in the clutch cylinder ,you find more info on at alfa .net

When replacing stock clutch plates with screamin eagle clutch pack with nine friction plates and eight spacer discs do you use the spring plate with this clutch?

yes you do use a spring plate, due to the fact of the amount of fricion the disc will undertake.

Do you have to replace quick struts in a pair Or can you just replace one that has a broken spring?

You can replace the spring with proper tools. Be VERY CAREFUL a spring that is not caged can inflict serious injury.