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-replace Colt Vista starterOn a 1987 Colt Vista Wagon the starter is located on the right rear of the engine just below the right hand side of the EFI air intake. There is a visible 14mm bolt at the top of the starter bell and another located somewhat hidden below the bell. Disconnect the BATTERY. First remove the push on electrical fitting that needs to be pulled to the aft to remove. Then remove the 12mm nut on the solenoid which faces left under the air intake. Remove the wire AFTER disconnecting the BATTERY since it goes straight to HOT. Then remove the two 14mm bolts with heads out to right of car from starter bell. You may need to disconnect the shifter cables temporarily to get the starter out from under the air intake or crawl under the car and reach up and guide the starter out through some path. Very tight fit no matter how you do it. Install is reverse.
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Q: How do you replace the starter on a 1987 Dodge Colt?
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