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How do you replace the starter on a 1991 Geo Prism?

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Well, they certainly didn't design this engine to make it easy to work on. besure and let your car cool off before you try this. You'll be working very close to the exhaust and engine.

1. Disconnect the battery's negative cable.

2. You'll need to raise the car off the ground, either on a set of ramps or with a jack and two stands. Do NOT try to work on the car while it's on a jack. This is dangerous.

3. The starter is located behind the engine, between the engine and the firewall, right about the crossmember and the catalytic converter.There are two bolts that hold the starter on. You'll need a 3/8" drive socket wrench, a long extension and a 14mm socket. for these two bolts.

4. One bolt is under the starter. It must be accessed from below. I found it easiest to go in from the right side, over the suspension and exhaust. You'll needa little elbow grear to loosen it at first but once you break it free, it comes out easily.

5. The other bolt is located above the starter. You have to remove the air cleaner box and house that goes to the fuel injector area. You can look down and see that head of the bolt. use your socket to remove this bolt.

6. Now get back under the car, pull the starter out and and take off the 12mm nut that holds the two wire on a bolt on the starter and then pull off the plug that also clips onto the starter.

7. You'll have to pull the starter out through the right side above the suspension to get it out.

8. Now reverse the baove steps to put in your new starter!.

good luck!


2011-09-12 21:04:03
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Look at how to replace one on a 93 model.

How to replace a starter for a 90 geo prism?

You gotta get under the car and do it from the back of the engine.

What are some of the main repairs or complaints for a 1991 Geo Prism?

The 1991 Geo Prism is a rebadged Toyota Corolla. They are built in the same factory in California. The Prism is a very dependable car with no major problems.

Who made the engine for the 1991 Geo Prism?

I believe Chevrolet

Average cost to replace transmission Geo prism?

The average cost to replace a transmission for a Geo Prism will vary depending on the cost of labor and the year of the Prism. On average, it will cost between $3,500 to $4,000 dollars.

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From under the car.

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mine has shoes

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You can find a hood release cable for a 1991 Geo Prism at various auto part stores. You can also check with local salvage yards.

Where is the radiator drain plug on a 1991 Geo Prism automatic with AC?

Bottom of radiator

Where is the thermostat located on a 1991 Geo Prism?

It is connected to top radator hose on block

95 geo prism starter?

Yes it should have one located on the backside of the motor, under the intake.

Airbags Geo Prism?

Yes the Geo Prism has ait bags.

How do remove the starter in a 95 geo prism?

From my experience you can't remove it from the top, (the starter is located in the back of engine near the bottom side firewall). I think you replace it from the bottom up, that is it should be accessed using some kind of lift.

Where is the starter in a 1991 Geo Storm?

Follow the pos battery cable. It is at the end.

How do you replace a broken antenna on a '94 Geo Prism?

i dont really know

Where is the starter on a 1991 Geo Storm?

On the 1.6L sohc starter is between the engine and fire wall. By the oil filter.

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How do you replace power steering pressure hose on a 1993 geo prizm

What is the capacity in gallons of a 1991 Geo Prism gas tank?

On my '92, it is 13.2 US Gallons

How do you replace the window crank handle on a 93 Geo Prism?

To replace the window crank handle on the 1993 Geo Prism, first remove the interior door panel. Then, access the screw that holds the window crank in place and remove it. You can then remove the handle itself.

How do you replace the starter in a 1991 Geo Tracker?

disconnect negative(-) battery cable, disconect the two wires at the back of the starter. unbolt starter and remover, then to install do same ateps in reverse. o and the atarter is under the intake manafold were the motor and trany meet.

How do you you replace a starter on a 96 Geo Metro?

Remove the cables from the starter. Remove the three retaining bolts from the starter. The starter will come out. Reverse the process to install the new starter.

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You replace it you do not fix it.