How do you replace the thermostat located on a 1994 Honda Accord?

replacing themostat

first of all, locate the thermostat. Remove the screws that are holding it in place. Take off. Attach new one. Re-attach screws. Ta - dah! You're done!

This small paragraph above is a woefully-ignorant response and not helpful.

My improved response: Drain coolant; remove air cleaner; remove air hose to air intake manifold (where throttle body is); remove lower radiator hose; remove thermoswitch wire plug; TA - DAH, only now are you ready to unbolt the thermostat and do the R&R on it, making sure the weep hole is at the top.

Reverse these steps to put together, obviously. The out-of-sight mount bolt is best handled with a deep dish 10 mm socket and 1/4" ratchet. Major tip would be to have a lower radiator hose with two new clamps handy -- and you should buy this AT THE HONDA DEALER because of precise fitting and bends, just as you should buy the proprietary blue coolant AND ABSOLUTELY MUST if the existing coolant that you initially drained is blue. If green, you could top up with green. It's still better -- no matter what the AutoZone or Advance folks would like you to believe -- to use the Honda coolant because of superior anti-corrosion formula.