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I just replaced the belt off my 86 2.0l four cylinder. Bascially, drain radiator, remove the fan, fan cover, belts, disconnect upper radiator hose and remove alternator to get to distributor easlier. Before removing cover set the engine to Top Dead Center where the cam sprocket to pointing to the marker on cover and crankshaft mark is lining up with tick mark of TDC with the timing pointer also check if the rotor under distributor is pointing to number one cylinder, if not keeping rotating crankshaft in clockwise direction until its close. Don't worry if it don't line up because you will adjust it later. Don't turn the crankshaft counter clockwise because this will throw off the timing belt. Losen the tensioner and remove the belt from the camshaft sprocket without moving it. The timing belt was awfully difficult to remove around the crankshaft, but I got it by kind a bending it and wiggled it and it came out. Putting the new one in is easlier. Ensure the sprockets didn't move and tighten the tensioner. Put everything back on and use a timing light to get it close to 6 degrees TDC by losing the distributor and moving it a little and tighten it and check it again until you are close.

Take off the 4 bolts behind the fan loosen the belt from the alternator and take off the belt, than take off the timing belt cover and then you'll see the timing belt...make sure yo time it right after changing the timing belt or else you won't be going anywhere soon.

get a chilton or haynes repair manual.

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Q: How do you replace the timing belt on a 1988 Ford Ranger?
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