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How do you replace the valve cover gasket on a 1990 Honda Civic 1.5L FI and how much would it cost?

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First remove spark plug wires from the top of the valve cover. then remove bolts or nuts around the edge of valve cover. once removed. take off cover and replace o-rings and gasket. gasket is located around edge of cover and o-rings are o shaped rubber gaskets on the cover around the holes where the wires normally go through. be sure to replace cover the same way you remove it. estimated cost would be $35 for just gasket and 0-rings it is recommended to also replace wires and spark plugs when doing this.that cost would be 60-$90 depending on make of vehicle.

2015-07-15 19:16:53
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How do you replace the valve cover gasket on a 1990 Honda Accord?

How much does it cost parts and labor to replace a valve cover gasket on a 1990 Honda Accord 4door.

How do you replace a head gasket on a Honda civic dx 1.5 liter?

Replacing a head gasket on a 1.5 liter Honda Civic requires removal of many of the engines components such as the intake manifold, valve cover, and timing belt. After removing the head from the engine it needs to be resurfaced. Replace the old head gasket and machined head onto the block and reinstall all the other components.

How do you replace rear tail light cover Honda 2002 civic?

where are the bolts?

How to replace a valve cover gasket on a 1988 Honda Accord LX?

just remove the 3 bolts on top of the valve cover and lift it out,and theres the gasket.

88 Honda valve cover leak?

Dear Honda owner, Valve cover leak? I assume you are refering to an external oil leak from the valve cover, replace the gasket, be sure the new gasket set comes with spark plug seals.

How to replace a Honda Civic mirror?

A Honda Civic rear view mirror is held in place by screws. To see the screws remove the plastic cover. Loosen all the screws and the mirror will drop down. Replace with a new unit.

You have oil on your spark plug wires where is the oil coming from 93 Honda accord ex?

usually the valve cover gasket and the oil seals on the top of the cover,replace gasket and the also the distributor seal

How do you replace the valve cover gasket on a 2004 Jeep Liberty?

The valve cover gasket, on a 2004 Jeep liberty, can be found by removing the valve cover. Peel the gasket off of the head and replace with a new gasket.

How do you replace the valve cover gasket on your 2002 Mitsubishi lancer?

how do you replace the valve cover gasket on a 2002 mitubishi lancer

How do you replace oil cover gasket?

What is a oil cover

How do you replace a valve cover gasket on a 89 Honda civic.?

TAke off valve cover then strip off old gasket.. clean entire serface with alcohol or gas or gasket remover. Then buy a new gasket from a local auto shop, along with some gasket sealer... Put on new gasket as old one was taken off. Use gasket sealer on top and bottom or gasket. Just a thin coat. THen place the cover back on with gasket in place and tighten bolts. Let sit for about 24 hours before starting to let the gasket sealer dry.. Should work better then ever.

Where most likely causes the engine oil leak in Honda Civic 1996 hatchback?

Valve cover Oil sending unit Oil filter gasket

How do you replace the valve cover gasket on a S40 Volvo?

The valve cover ask it, on a S 40 Volvo, can be replaced by first removing the valve cover. Remove the old gasket and replace with a new gasket.

Reason's a H22A4 from a 1998 Honda Prelude would lose oil?

pcv valve replace every 30000 miles.. bad oil pan gasket, or valve cover gasket

How do you replace valve cover hjonda civic?

it depends on what year civic you have and what motor is in it as to where the bolts are located. but you remove the bolts, scrape the old gasket of of the head with a razor (be careful not to scratch or gouge) and you install the new gasket and valve cover. tighten the bolts to recommended specs, on mine i believe it is 32-35 inch pounds

Why would there be oil on the outside and on the electrodes of the spark plugs to a 1995 Honda passport?

Leaking valve cover gasket.Leaking valve cover gasket.

How do you fix the tail lights on a Honda Civic DX?

The taillight bulbs can be easily replaced on a Honda Civic. Open the trunk and locate the plastic covers. Remove the plastic cover and pull the bulbs. Replace with new bulbs and install the covers.

How do you replace the valve gasket cover on a 1984 f 100?

simply remove the valve cover gasket,take the old one off,clean the area well, and replace the gasket,tighten the cover evenly.(if ur gasket is made of corque take care not to break the gasket

How do you replace the alternator on a 1987 Honda Civic LX?

from underneath the vehicle u have to remove some suspension parts and parts of the front cover of the engine

How do I change the valve cover gasket on a 2001 Toyota Rav4?

how to replace valve cover gasket toyota rav4 2001

How to replace 2004 Hyundai elantra valve COVER gasket?

how do you change valve cover gasket 2004 hyundai elantra

How do you replace a Honda civic 1997 Manual window opener?

Manual window cranks are held on with a screw on 1997 Honda Civics. Remove the plastic cover on the handle to reveal the screw. Loosen and remove the handle. Replace with a new unit.

How to Changing valve cover gasket 2000 catera?

To replace the valve cover, you will need to break the gasket and the o-rings. The gasket prevents oil from leaking.

How do you replace the valve cover gaskets on a 2003 Jeep Liberty?

To replace the valve cover gaskets on a 2003 Jeep Liberty, the valve cover is removed. The old gasket is then removed from both the valve cover and the manifold (old gasket will come off in pieces on both sides). Then spread the sealant on the manifold, place the new gasket on, then put sealant on top of the gasket and replace the valve cover and bolt down.

How do you change the driver side rear brake light on a 95 Honda civic dx hatchback?

The rear brake lights on a 1995 Honda Civic can be reach vial the rear hatch. Open the hatch in look for the plastic cover for the rear lights. Remove the cover to reveal the light plugs. Pull and replace the bulbs.