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Disconnect the negative battery cable.

Properly drain the engine coolant into a suitable container.

Remove the drive belts.

If necessary for access, remove the alternator and A/C compressor.

Unfasten the water pump front cover assembly mounting bolts, then remove the water pump front cover assembly.

To install:

If installing a new pump, transfer the water pump pulley to the new pump using installer tool J25034-B, J29785-A or equivalent.

Fig. 5: If installing a new water pump, transfer the pulley from the old pump using the proper tool

Thoroughly clean and dry the mounting surfaces, bolts and bolt holes. Place a 1/8 inch (3mm) bead of RTV sealant on the pump's sealing surface.

Install the pump to the engine, coating the bolt threads with sealant as they are installed. Tighten the bolts to 25 ft. lbs. (34 Nm).

If removed, install the alternator and/or air conditioning compressor.

Install and adjust the drive belts. Refer to Routine Maintenance.

Connect the negative battery cable.

Fill cooling system and check for leaks. Start the engine and allow to come to normal operating temperature. Recheck for leaks. Top off coolant level if necessary.

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Q: How do you replace the water pump on a 1987 Pontiac Grand Am 2.5L?
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