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I just did this one!I just did this one. It was tricky at first because I didn't notice that the flywheel attached to the water pump comes off. My friend and I went as far as to losen a motor mount and jack up the engine to get it off the first time, then we saw the bolts. You can't really see them till it's completely off.

Anywho, the basic proceedure goes like this:

First look at the alternator (passenger's side front of car), keep a note on how the belt runs around it, now look just below the alternator, see that flywheel the alternator belt runs around? (it should be smooth with no teeth or groves and the backside of the alt belt runs over it) that's the water pump.

Loosen the alternator tension bolt, belt and remove the alternator completely. Once it's out of the way look at the flywheel attached to the water pump. On the outside of the flywheel you will see four bolts holding the flywheel in place. Remove those four bolts and then remove the bolts from the water pump (4 I think) After the flywheel is off and the water pump bolts are removed you should have no problems getting that sucker out of there! Reverse process to put it back together of course...

-As a side note to his post, some of the bolts can be hard to get to. Taking off the front passenger tire and the splash guard will give you easy access to most of them. Using this method I didn't have to remove the alternator, but you still have to loosen the bolt. There are several ways to do this project. Don't forget a gasket! They usually provide you with the liquid gasket upon buying a new pump at the local auto store.

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Q: How do you replace the water pump on a 1992 Nissan Stanza?
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