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1. remove under-cover on LH side 2. remove cruise control actuator 3. raise vehicle and suspend engine to relieve force on mount 3a. remove front left wheel and wheel well lining (to access belts) 4. pull off drive belts, tension pulley assy, tension pulley bracket 5. pull engine mounting bracket, P/S pump pressure switch connector, P/S pump (suspend, such as wiring it to the hood) 6. pull engine support bracket, crank pulley (special tool), timing belt covers 7. pull front flange, adjust timing belt tension, remove timing belt (align marks, mark direction of belt if re-using -- service interval is 60K) 8. R&R water pump (bolts: 17 ft/lb) 9. re-install timing belt (seek an expert if unsure) 10. adjust timing belt tension (tensioner fixing bolts 16-22 ft/lb, belt tension 46.3-68.3 lbs) 11. re-install belt covers (7-9 ft/lb) 12. re-install crank pulley (special tool) 13. re-install support bracket carefully (spray lubricant on reamer area as tightening) 14. re-install other components in reverse order of removal (mount: center 25 ft/lb, side 72-87 ft/lb)

This is a long procedure. Some information omitted for space. See for possible other sources of information. Factory manuals may be available on ebay.

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standard non turbo

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Q: How do you replace the water pump on a 1993 Dodge Stealth SOCH non-OHC?
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