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How do you replace the water pump on a 1993 Jeep Cherokee 4.0L 4wd?

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I havent done this on that model year. however, the engine is very much the same for a long time.I had to remove the shroud on top of the radiator to get enough room to work. The fan shroud is partially attached with a metal cap on top of the radiator. Two bolts on top completely exposed remove this cap.Next remove the nuts from the fan clutch assembly. Remove the fan clutch. Stand the fan clutch upright. The fluid has to stay upright as it is mounted on the water pump. I don't know why.Remove the hoses and bolts on the water pump. Remove pump.Clean the surface from where the pump was mounted. Scrape with a metal spatula or the like. Clean with a solvent. Do not use any degreasing solvents they tend to leave behind an oily residue that will impede a good seal for the gasket goo. The new water pump has to have a clean surface for the gaskett and gasket goo to take hold. When you buy the pump ask the parts guy what you hould use for gasket goo(there are several).remove the studs from the old pump. You will need them to mount the fan clutch. Do this by taking a couple of nuts threaded on one stud at a time. Cinch one on nut on the other. It will not take much torque. Twist the stud off grasping the inside nut with an end wrench.Reinstall on new pump in reverse process. Maybe wait to install pump before stud installation.Install pump: use the provided gasket with your new pump. Apply gaskett goo onto the engine side surface and the pump surface. Apply gasket to the pump. Align with bolt holes with bolts in place as necessary. Slap the booger on the engine with a couple of bolt. Start all bolts threading before you tighten. Do not over tighten. I cant tell you the torque measurement,but tighten so as to compress the gasket plenty. reattach the fan clutch. reattach the hoses. Start up the Jeep with the radiator cap off. Observe the level of fluid add correct measurement of water and coolant listed in your owners manual or fluid bottle.Close the cap when fluid is to the top. Add fluid to reservoir as necessary.

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2011-10-20 16:56:27
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Q: How do you replace the water pump on a 1993 Jeep Cherokee 4.0L 4wd?
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