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If you are asking then it is probably best you have it replaced by a mechanic. This is fairly involved and you have ample opportunity to mess it up. on my 94 jgc limited, wi 5.2 v8, the new pump and labour together cost me $300 CAD .. if you look around you can probably find a good mechanic for a good price. Dealerships often charge twice what a good independent mechanic charges.

You need to provide more info .... what is the engine in your vehicle, does it have AC (this is a pain to work around on the v8) see if you can find a good shop manual (NOT A HAYNES BOOK) it should run you around $100 CAD and if you plan to do the work yourself then it is essential (BTW this is what most dealer mechanics work from anyway) Consider this an investment because a repair done wrong may cost you much more later on

It is NOT hard to replace this water pump. On the 5.2L 318c.i engine, there is nothing other than the fan and fan clutch attached to it. The only pain in the neck is the "Bypass" hose on top that goes to the thermostat. You need a pair of needlenose vise grips (good ones, not junk) to work the clamp up high enough to let go of the pump neck. The rest of it is simple. You want complicated? Try a 1984 Camaro Z-28 water pump! Everything on the front of the engine is bracketed to THAT baby. Anyone who can hold a wrench, should be able to follow the decent directions in the Haynes manual ($14.95US)and replace this pump. DIY for approx. $100US total. $65 water pump, $14.95 book, $20 various gaskets and sealers. I would recommend replacing hoses and thermostat while doing this repair, since you've got the fluid out and thet are relatively cheap.Good Luck!!

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Q: How do you replace the water pump on a 1993 Jeep Grand Cherokee?
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