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all that you have to do is to locate the fan you take the bolts out of the fan take the fan out. then you will be able to unbolt the water pump it should have 8 to 10 bolts in it . when you get the bolts out you may have to pry the pump loose because it is being held to the block with a sealer. take a screwdriver and gently pry it loose be very very careful not to gouge the block. then you put a sealer like permatex on the pump be sure to form a complete gasket. then put the bolts back in be sure to tighten them up firmly. replace the fan and you are ready to go.

AnswerIt is located near the firewall at the back, bottom of the engine, put it up on blocks and get at it from below. Make sure you flush the coolant and checkk the timing belt while you are in there. Any cracks and you should redo it. Actually anything over 100,000 kms and you should do it any way. Allow about 3 hours, very tricky but easy. Water Pumps AnswerWhat was left out of that answer is that you need to disconnect the battery and THEN drain the coolant. Then you remove the serpentine belt from the pump's pulley and then remove the hoses from the pump. Remove the bolts holding the pump in place and then remove the gasket and any remaining residue from the gasket from around the THORTOUG here, as any pieces of the gasket getting into the engine block can cause you problems later that you don't want to deal with. Re-install the pump in the exact opposite manner as removal, using a new o-ring in the pressure fitting on the hose, and tighten all bolts accordingly. You should be good for another 100,000 miles now!

Well, how about we know the engine first.. say 4cyl, 2.3L car has to be on jack stands, 2 bolts from the bottom, plus the tensioner, 1 bolt from the top, have to have small hands, long extension socket, check your manual or fix it book. Good luck

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Q: How do you replace the water pump on a 1993 Mercury Topaz?
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