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How do you replace the water pump on a 1996 Pontiac Sunfire 2.2L?


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2015-07-16 19:29:01
2015-07-16 19:29:01

Hey Viki==Get a manual on your vehicle from a parts store and it will tell you how and have picturew also. GoodluckJoe

Although this is not the hardest thing to do, it's not the easiest either. The water pump in 2.2's is usually close to the left hand side, near the middle when you're looking at the engine from the front. It's kind of got a cone shape to it and it in line with the serpentine belt, so just follow the belt and you'll see it. The reason it's so hard to replace is because of the serpentine belt. You must loosen the belt to get to it and remove it, then tighten the belt when you're done, that's the hardest part. Make sure when you're installing the new water pump, you put the gasket (which comes in the box) on good and get good sealent. My cars water pump just started leaking like crazy and I can't drive it, so that's why I'm telling you this. YOu might want to replace the thermostat also, they're like $6 and easiest thing ever to replace. Hope I helped!!! :)

remove the alt. first 3 bolts, two short and 1 long on the bottom. Remove belt and first thing is to remove the pulley which has 3 bolts. You need to remove the pulley to remove the 4 bolts that are on the water pump itself. After removing water clean area of old gasket.


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I paid $3,500 for mine. Kelly Blue Book for a 1996 Pontiac Sunfire SE Coupe is $3,250.00 retail.

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