How do you replace the water pump on a 1997 Chevy Cavalier?

Did mine on a 2.2 liter. Drain system into a pan by turning rad drain plug behind rad and at bottom. Remove serpentine belt by pulling tensioner pulley. Remove Alternator. The water pump is then visible. Remove pulley wheel attached to front of water pump. Remove 4 bolts from water pump. Gently pry it off the engine block. Clean block area thoroughly before installing a new pump, removing all of old gasket. Buy gasket goop and spread along flanges of new water pump; set gasket into this goop so it doesn't move when you slip it against the block. It helps to have someone hold the new WP while you align it and put in bolts nice and snug. Get the quick drying goop so you can be off in a hurry. Put on pulley, belt, alternator and fill with Antifreeze you saved from pan(use a cloth filter to strain the bits of black crap). Start engine, check for good WP seal. TA-DA!