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Awnserwell according to my understanding anyone with hands and a brain could easily do this task. all it takes is some ballz and some god damm comon sense...... lmao follow me at

It depands on what engine you have but none are REAL hard. You will need guidance though and the best way is to get a manual on your vehicle and you will have it for this repair and also for the next one.

If your 1998 is the same as my 1997 with a 5.7, you will also need a special wrench to remove the fan clutch. It is retained with a large, left hand thread nut, instead of the 4 small bolts of past models.

Are you sure its a left hand thread?

They are standard threads. Righty Tighty - Lefty Lousy. You don't need any special tools/wrencherszperiodz You loosen up two of the ten millimeter bolts holding the fan on, but not all the way. Lodge the wrench in there to hold the water pump from turning. Put a large adjustable wrench on the big nut for the fan clutch and smack it with a ball pein hammer. The threads should not be super tight on the fan clutch. This can be done by one person. I've done it many times by myself.

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Q: How do you replace the water pump on a 1998 Chevy Tahoe?
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