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remove the airbox and access the serp belt tension bolts. loosen the serp belt completely, draw a diagram on how it goes on though. then drain the radiator fluid by turning the petcock open on the bottom passenger side of the radiator. use a bucket. disconnect water pump hose (lower radiator hose) loosen bolts and remove the water pump, lower radiator hose connects to it.

clean the gasket off the engine block real well.

take the pulley off the old pump and use it on the new one and use loctite on the screws so it don't come off.

on the new gasket apply lightly a coating of gasket sealer or rtv and place it on the engine, line up the holes. line up the new pump and use fingers and thread the screws in making sure you don't cross the threads.

snug down bolts gently.

- reattach the hoses- reattach the serp belt- snug it down (airbox side)- make sure draincock is closed- refill fluids- check for leaks

all is done. go driving!

i once drove from ensenada baja to my home in redwood city on a bad water pump. it was squealing really loud but as Cherokees go, the 4.0 motors are bulletproof. i just swapped out pumps theday after and it was like new again. that was about 1200 miles RT on a bad pump!

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Q: How do you replace the water pump on a 2000 Jeep Cherokee Sport?
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