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How do you replace the water pump on a 2001 Ford F-350 power stroke diesel?


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There's a good step-by-step article with pictures at Diesel-Central.com The fan clutch nut is the only difficult step; mine must have had 200 lbs of torque on it.


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Under hood, center, upper engine area, passenger side, rear corner of engine, mounted inside water separator housing.

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It's normal for the water pumps on cars to last the life of the vehicle. Usually you only need to replace them when they give you problems.

to replace water pump on diesel first you remove the serpentine belt from the water pump pulleu next you remove the fan and fan clutch you will need 2 special wrenches for this next dump the radiator coolant and disconect radiator hoses at water pump then using 8 mm socket remove the bolts that hold water pump to block clean old gasket from durface of block install new pump and gasket replace everything else is reverse of pulling it apart

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with proper maintance it just keeps going and going. I have seen 7.3L with 1 million miles. the last fleet i was with we had 120 with 500,000 plus miles. Out of the 120 we only had to put in one engine. some one hydro locked it in water.

To change out a water pump in a Series 60 Detroit diesel, you need to locate the water pump in the engine. You need the right tools to remove all the fittings and take the pump out, them replace it with a new one. The owners manual has a list of all engine parts and diagrams.

the cambelt has got to be removed to gain access to 5 bolts behind a cover.

Should be located at the top rear section of engine - unscrew, remove and clean water separator

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