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Howdy, the watr pump is located next to the aux driveline attachemnt on the front end of the motor. Locate the point where the aux driveline attaches to tne engine, just toward the passenger side of the vehicle you will see a large water hose(2 inches diamter). This hose is attached to the water pump. Drain cooling system, or, disconnect the hose from the water pump carefully. There is plenty of coolant in the system and you may get a bath. If you can catch the coolant in a clean container, you can probably re-use the coolant. There is also a small hose attached to the pump, remove that one from the pump as well. Remove the bolts that hold the pump to the engine. Usually the pump is stuck to the engine, don't pry the pump off as you may damage the joining surfaces. Use a block of wood and a small hammer to break the seal. Carefully. After the pump is removed from the engine, there is a cover on the pump that is retained with two bolts, remove the cover. Before installing the new pump, there are two o-rings on the engine where the pump mounts that need to be replaced. Spend the extra dollar or two to replace these these, it will save a world of hurt later. The new pump should come with a new o-ring that mounts around the the housing on the pump where the drive for the pump engages with the engine. This one too should not be overlooked. To install, make sure mounting surfaces on pump and engine are clean and dry including o-rings(no oil grease, water etc). install the pump and gasket to the engine. Torque specs: short bolts 14 ft lbs, long bolts, 21 ft lbs. thermostat housing bolts, 15 ft lbs. By the way, as long as you are messing with the pump, this is a good time to change the thermostat. Another one of those "ounce of prevention". You may email me direct about Previa's. If I know, you will, if I don't.... please be patiient

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Q: How do you replace the water pump on a Toyota Previa?
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