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Chevy pickup window regulatorI haven't had one of these model trucks since 1984, but from what I remember it is very similar to the 1982 truck I have now. (Refer to LMC Truck online catalogue for 67-72 trucks page 16 and 17 for an illustrated parts breakdown and a label of the components.)

1. Remove the door and window handles by removing the clip holding it to the shaft. A store bought tool available in any parts house is cheap or use a long thin screwdriver.

2. unscrew the door lock knob

3. Remove the inner door panel 4 Phillips screws along the bottom. You made need an impact screwdriver.

4. remove the vent window by CAREFULLY pulling back the main window felt from the channel and removing the Phillips screws from the front edge of the door. Carefully pull the vent window assy toward the rear of the truck and upward. You will need to rotate the assy 90 deg to get it out of the door Remove the rear channel assy as well.

5. slide the window crank back onto the regulator and crank the window all the way up past the top of the door opening. slide the glass forward until the roller on the regulator can be slid through the cutout in the glass runner. Slide the glass off of the other roller.

6. remove the 4 bolts holding the regulator. slide the roller out of the channel in the door.

7. Meticulously clean the channels in the door and glass of any gunk. lubricate with white lithium liberally prior to reinstallation.

8. Install is reverse procedure

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Q: How do you replace the window regulator on a 1970 Chevy pick up?
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