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How do you replace the windshield washer pump in a 1990 sable?


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2015-07-15 19:07:56
2015-07-15 19:07:56
Install Windshiled Washer PumpsThe simplest way is to goto your favorite auto parts store and buy an inline washer pump. the cut the rubber hose close to the old pump, insert the pump , remove the electrical connector from old pump, match polarity in new pump connect , then test by trying you new windshield washer.... time to do the about 30 minutes or so hardest part is locating how to mount new pump .....

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I have the same problem except I can't even find it, do you know how to access or location of the washer pump?

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in the fuse box belowe the dash under the steering wheel

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the best way is to unbolt the windshield and fold it down on to the hood. under where the windshield meets the body is where all the wires and stuff is at. its about a 30 min job.

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